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Taylor #893 Seam Weld Iron
Throw that glue bottle away and meet the future of carpet seaming. The patented 1-Step Seam Sealing and Seaming System from Taylor Tools not only drastically reduces installation time, it results in a better, stronger seam.

The 1-Step Seaming Iron’s unique welding head applies a precise amount of hot melt adhesive to the carpet seam edges, locking in the face yarns while simultaneously welding the seam together.

The result? A joint that is actually stronger than the rest of the carpet with a seam that will remain flat even after stretching with virtually no seam peaking.

Instruction in the proper procedure is required for optimum results. Call, write or visit the Taylor Tools website for more information.

Makes Better Seams!
• Minimizes handling
• Provides a perfect, lay-flat, no-peak seam. . .every time!
• Actually fortifies the seam - now the seam is the strongest part of the carpet
• Ideal for restoration


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Slahes Installation Time!

Traditional Method

1. Apply a bead of seam sealer to one edge of carpet
2. Apply a bead of seam sealer to the other edge
3. Wait for sealer to dry
4. Seam the carpet
The 1-Step Seam-Weld Method
1. Seam-Weld the carpet