Laminate Flooring
Installation Tools
Laminate Installation Kit
Contains 4 wall spacers, 3 Fast Straps, 3 vacuum cups, 1 power shunting device. All contained in durable steel carrying case.

Vacuum Cup
Use in combination with band-belt clamp and other clamps. No interruption of

installation because of suction of the panels from the top.
Power Shunting Device
For fast, efficient installation of parquet, laminate, cork, melamine and hardwood. Combines shunting and hammering. No damage to tongue and groove.

Fast Strap
Cut installation time in half! Uses a rubber cord to create constant/instant tension.
No time-consuming ratcheting. . . simply Pull-Place-Release. Includes a built-in tapping block and 25’of glue-resistant strap.
Parquet Spacer
Handy wall alignment brace for setting the distance to the wall and adjusting the tension of the floor boards.