#CTG.2A Concrete Thickness Gauge
Measure the thickness of concrete slabs the fast, easy and accurate

When measuring relative humidity with a moisture meter, ASTM 2170 guidelines stipulate that relative humidity (RH) readings be taken at 40% of the thickness of the concrete slab. So, just how thick IS the slab? 



So, just how thick IS the slab? And what if the slab thickness is inconsistent? Or, if you're testing a pan-poured elevated slab - is the test hole over a peak or a valley in the underlying corrugated pan? Variations in slab thickness can compromise the accuracy of your RH test results so it's important to regularly measure the slab depth.


Now there is a fast and efficient way to measure slab thickness. Taylor Tools is pleased to announce the release of the CTG.2A Concrete Thickness Gauge (patent pending). The CTG.2A is a hand-held, battery powered, nondestructive system for measuring the thickness and integrity of concrete slabs using the IMPACT ECHO principle.


The CTG.2A is used with most standard Windows 7, 8 or 10 notebook or tablets (tablet/notebook not included with purchase). Simply connect with the CTG.2A test head to the tablet or notebook with the enclosed connection cables, download the WinCTG2 software and you're ready to go. The CTG.2A requires no special knowledge or training. The WinCTG2 user interface is intuitive and simple to use.  With the WinCTG2 software you can download results directly to your notebook or tablet spreadsheet.


The CTG.2A is also:

  • ACCURATE: to 2% of the slab thickness

  • VERSATILE: Measure concrete from 3.2 inches to 20 inches thick

  • PORTABLE:  Hand-held, battery-powered  & 10 year battery life

  • RELIABILE:   1-year manufacturer warranty

Here's what you get:

  • Test Head with High Frequency Impactor

  • Software Installation thumb drive

  • Connection Cables

  • User's Manual

  • Foam-padded Pelican Carrying Case

  • Tablet/Notebook not included

  • SKU# CTG.2A





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