Slow speed buffers (160-175 RPM) used for surface preparation are commonly equipped with grinding attachments such as EZ Scrapes, Scrape Aways and other grinding attachments which will sometimes encounter expansion joints, cracks, and left-over bolts or nails in the concrete surface. When these immovable obstructions are encountered, the buffing machine reacts violently and can present a danger to the operator

and/or damage the machine. When this occurs, the operator must increase his grip to try and control

the machine, and therefore cannot immediately release the safety stop on the handle grip to bring the machine to a safe stop.

This delay in stopping the machine results in additional impacts and can even twist the machine out of the hands of the operator, possibly injuring the operator, and/or damaging the machine, surrounding walls or other structures.


The #TG.2000 Torque Guard is a patent pending safety torque overload device which

can sense the initial impact and within a millisecond automatically cut the

power to the machine without any operator input. Torque Guard thereby prevents any subsequent impacts and drastically reduces the consequences to the operator and machine when encountering these floor hazards.

Once the Torque Guard has activated and shut down the machine (red light indicator will come on), the operator can then safely release the safety stop and 5 seconds later the machine can be restarted. The Torque Guard sensitivity can be easily adjusted to the operator's preference.



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