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#715 Multi Purpose Wall Trimmer

#716 Conventional Trimmer


#715 Multi Purpose Wall Trimmer

Make faster, cleaner cuts without marking walls. Use hooked blades for carpet tiles, slotted blades for regular carpet or vinyl sheet goods. Anti-friction boot snaps on to glide smoothly over sheet goods. Adjusts for most material thicknesses, lays flat for clean, precise cutting under toe-kicks.


# 716 Conventional Trimmer

An improved version of the traditional style carpet trimmer popular with installers. The #716 Trimmer features a non-slip handle grip and a blade stop guide assembly that prevents blade movement during cutting action. The #716 comes with a Delrin guide to prevent marring of base boards and all parts are interchangeable with Roberts #10-616 Trimmer. Comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

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