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The Uni-Lift turns any heavy object into an easy-to-move 4-wheeled cart without balancing or tipping. Strap a pair of Uni-Lifts onto a heavy object, push the lifting lever, and one person (man or woman) can easily move desks, appliances, machinery...up to 800 lbs. Featuring the patented Sta-Tite belt tightener, large 3" casters and rubber bumper guards, the Uni-Lift quickly and efficiently solves your heavy lifting and bulky moving problems. Comes with attached 1 ft. strap w/ buckle and 11 ft. strap w/o buckle, plus an extra 7 ft. strap w/ buckle.

#505 THE MULE 


The Mule is more compact, lighter and more maneuverable than other carts and it costs less. Yet, it can carry 1,000 lbs., can be hand carried and is easily stored because of its compact size.




Install on your Carpet Cart or Mule Cart and eliminate flat tires forever. Same Load Rating as standard pneumatic tires.



Large 16" pneumatic tires and a heavy gauge tubular steel frame provide a 1,000 lb. capacity for easy carpet and padding handling.

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