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Many of the features on our #893 Tru-Trak Seam Welding Iron have proven so popular that we've incorporated them into our standard irons. Now the best conventional irons on the market are better than ever. Which setting? Now you know.


Now all Taylor premium irons include a valuable handle label that tells you how hot your settings are - so if the carpet manufacturer recommends a certain heat, you'll know exactly which setting to use.


The Nap Light option for all Taylor Tools seaming irons helps prevent seaming errors by providing illumination to the most critical area of the seaming operation.

This combination of floodlight and spotlight built into the handle is powered by the iron’s 110V AC current and automatically lights up when the iron is plugged in.

Ideal for closets and other poorly lit work areas, the Nap Light lets you clearly see the smallest details. Check out the Nap Light feature at your local Taylor 


Additional features:


Patented Teflon Carpet Guard System prevents distortion of Action Bac


Exclusive #890 heating area pre-heats carpet backing

Super slick, super tough base coating


Includes heavy duty iron tray with reinforced iron rests and 24' cord!

2 year warranty



#893-05 Nap Spreader
Allows you to inspect the alignment of the
carpet backing as you're making the seam.






#890 Taylor Iron

All Taylor Premium Seaming Irons include a powerful, new 900 watt heating element and a 24' cord.


An important safety feature - Red light means: "Caution, power on, iron is hot" Green indicates: "Selected temperature has been reached"


Temperature control knob on top of handle for easy adjustment.


Super cool handle features unique setback design for easy seaming under toe kicks. (The new handle is also available as a replacement part.)




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