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PRESS RELEASE                           8.11.2017
New #385 Accu-Welder Butane Hot Air Welding Gun

Taylor Tools has introduced a compact, butane-powered, hot-air weld gun for welding resilient flooring systems.

The #385 Accu-Welder is the only  non-electrical powered heat gun on the market and performs as well any of the standard corded welding guns.  Especially convenient for quick jobs and repairs, the compact, lightweight Accu-Welder uses common, readily available butane canisters and provides a consistent heat source at the push of a button. The Accu-Welder is also ideal for installation environments that lack easy access to electrical outlets. 

Tips are interchangeable with standard electric welders and all components come in a small, portable carrying case.

Taylor Tools is a Denver, Colorado manufacturer of professional floor covering tools and equipment including floor preparation, carpet/laminate/vinyl installation, moisture testing and material handling products.


For more information, contact Taylor Tools, 5045 Paris St., Denver, CO 80239

Phone: 303-371-7667


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