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#260.40.40.TN Universal Shank Blade Holder

With the Universal Shank Blade Holder, Taylor Tools Broncos can now accommodate virtually all available shank style stripper blades on the market today.


The Taylor Tools Universal Shank Blade Holder enables Bronco users to install 3rd party shank blades with 2" and/or 1-3/8" diameter shanks (shank blades themselves are produced and sold by 3rd party manufacturers - not available from Taylor Tools). An adaptor sleeve is included to accommodate smaller diameter (1-3/8") shank blades.


The Universal Shank Blade Holder will fit all models of the Taylor Tools Bronco (Propane, Hybrid Battery, and 220V Corded Bronco machines). 


Installation is simple...just remove the 2 fasteners that hold the blade clamp to the blade holder, put the Universal Shank Blade Holder on and reinstall the fasteners. When using straight blades (non-shank type), it is recommended that you reinstall the standard blade clamp back onto your Bronco.


Due to the Bronco's patented Power-Glide articulating suspension system, a rotation of the shank blade is not necessary.


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