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#EDC.75.20 Extreme Dust
Control Cyclonic Pre-Separator

No HEPA vacuum filter is immune to obstruction and clogging long term. But there are ways to extend the life of your filter. Positioned between the grinder and vacuum unit, the Extreme Dust Control Cyclone Separator is a key component of the Extreme Dust Control vacuum system.

The separator has no moving parts or filters to maintain or change. Just a simple bag system similar to the EDC 290, such that - when full - just tie off and dispose according to City and State regulations.


The EDC.75.20 Cyclone Separator can be used on all Taylor Tools Extreme Dust Control vacuums and most other commercial dust control systems.




Weight: 75 lbs.

Connections:  2-1/4"

Capacity: 20 gallon bag system

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