#626 Moisture Test Kit Gram Scale

#626b Mini Precision Balance

626.MPB Scale.png

#626 Gram Scale

We recommend that when using the Taylor Moisture Test Kit, you use the Taylor Gram Scale.


  • Confirm your pre-weight

  • Weigh the Calcium Chloride after exposure with the lid reattached.

  • Do the calculations.

  • Send the sample back to Taylor for the free confirmation documentation and archival service of your test

By using the preferred Taylor test methods, you have the immediate results and a third party confirmation of your test along with our archival service of your results.





#626B Mini Precision Gram Scale


Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Mini Precision Balance lets you quickly and easily perform your own Calcium Chloride moisture tests without waiting for mailed results. The #626-MPB is fully compliant with ASTM-F-1869 and features a protective cover and a super-bright backlit LCD display which retracts into the instrument for increased protection and portability.


Other features:

  • Capacity: 3000g/106oz

  • Large Stainless steel platform

  • Sensitivity: 01.g/0.01oz

  • Easy Button: on/off, mode, Tare, Cal

  • Measuring units: g/oz/ct/dwt/ozt/gn

  • Tare to set zero at anytime

  • Easy to recalibrate to ensure accurate weighing

  • Comes with dual protective clear cover which can be used as weighing tray

  • Auto Off feature saves batteries

  • 2 "AAA" Alkaline batteries included