#485-17-Tank Solution Tank w/Flow Control (fits #483 Commercial Buffer)






#485-17-DCR Dust Control Ring







#485-MH Multi-Head Driver

 Comes with 6 each 1/2" velcro pads(#485-1602)





Adding this additional weight to your buffer provides extra downward force to let your machine really dig into those hard-to-remove accumulations.




Silicon Abrasive Brushes
Silicon carbide impregnated nylon brushes self-replenish as brush wears to outlast floor pads 100 to one! The best thing for uneven surfaces, wood or concrete. Use 2" smaller than buffer. Comes in 13", 15", & 17" diameters.

Silica Abrasive Brush 46 Grit, Brown
Silica Abrasive Brush 80 Grit, Black
Silica Abrasive Brush 180 Grit, Blue
Silica Abrasive Brush 500 Grit, Red 



#485-1608 1/8" Titan Puck for paint and adhesive removal.
Attachment: Bolt on





#485-1610 1/4" Titan Puck for surface profile and adhesive preparation. Removal of rubber padding. Attachment: Bolt on





#485-DIA-30 4" 30 grit diamond plate. For sanding and concrete removal.
Attachment:Velcro only





#485-1617 Blue Diamond Cup 4" 30 grit diamond plate. For grinding and concrete removal. Attachment: Mounting Plate






#485-1618 “Red Devil” 4" 30 grit diamond plate. For grinding and concrete removal. Attachment: Bolt on




#485-1602 1/2" Velcro Pad






#485-1659 Mounting Plate 5/8" Male






Full size sandpaper in grits from 12 to 220

4 1/2” scalloped sandpaper for use with the Multi-Head in grits from 24 to 600