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Make difficult mastic removal simple with the Mastic Demon®.


The Mastic Demon® makes floor coating removal quick and easy by removing the toughest coatings including mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, paint, epoxy, and more for effective concrete restoration leaving behind an improved surface profile.

Mastic Demon Side Profile.png

Grind concrete with your standard duty floor buffer (200 rpm max), without fear of damaging your machine. Because the direction of rotation pulls the diamonds across the surface, danger from catching on a crack or expansion joint is eliminated.

Designed with a replaceable latch “blade” concept to easily change used or worn down blades by simply replacing each individual blade.

  • Works up to 30% faster without the use of dangerous chemicals.

  • Enhanced cutting power with 75% larger blades that include increased diamond content that leaves behind an improved surface profile.

  • Boosts productivity with newly designed angled blades, created to cut and eject debris faster and more efficiently.

  • Avoids build-up on blades resulting in faster concrete floor coating removal.


Remove mastic from concrete floors with ease using the Mastic Demon®.

Note: The Mastic Demon® is a standalone tool and is designed to remove coatings and mastic on concrete floors that are not intended for polishing. It is not to be used as part of the Diamond Devil®Polishing System.

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