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At 300 to 400 surface feet/minute, Broncos have more than twice the removal rate of competitive machines.


The patented (Pat #6273513 and Pat. #8376468 B2) Bronco is a major breakthrough in floor removal equipment design.


For the first time, removal rates are not dependent on a machine’s sheer size and weight. The Bronco equals or outperforms those large, heavy, expensive, awkward machines but comes in a small, compact size.

And the Bronco is available with two different power options: The the low-emission, propane-powered version and the new battery-operated Optimum. Whichever Bronco you choose, you’ll get the same great features including high performance with low maintenance.


Small, but powerful, the Bronco is easy to transport in a standard garden trailer or pick-up truck rated 3/4 ton or heavier, when loaded and unloaded with a forklift. Only 29" wide, the Broncos fit in passenger elevators and through doorways making it ideal for residential applications.



What’s the secret behind the Bronco’s unique ability to combine high speed removal rates with a small size & weight and smoother ride?


It’s the Bronco’s patented adjustable Power-Glide articulating suspension which allows you to use the full weight of the

machine to keep the blade fully engaged on the floor while the drive wheel segment articulates to follow the floor’s contours.

This means we don’t have to add extra weight just to keep the blade engaged, so we can keep the Bronco reduced in size with a smaller motor and without sacrificing removal rates.


The Bronco has only five drive components - a motor, two pumps and two gear motors. That’s why we can go the extra mile and extend every Bronco a limited 1 year warranty. Propane Bronco has a 2 year warranty on the engine.


So, before you invest in a professional grade stripper, you owe it to yourself and the success of your company to check out the revolutionary Bronco. Removal rates, blade life and equipment maintenance vary depending on the installation materials and techniques originally used to install the floor covering.

Control cables have been replaced by solid linkage to prevent creep and eliminate the need for adjustment

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